10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

In winter, when there are very few flowers around and most of our native plants have lost their leaves, it is a wonderful opportunity to focus our attention on the conifers – most of which are evergreen and still bear cones. The British flora is remarkably poor in diversity of native conifers but many introduced species form a major feature in our landscape. And here in the Botanic Garden in Cambridge we are fortunate to have the opportunity to study a fine collection of this magnificent group of trees. The first day will be spent mostly in the classroom considering the key features of the different families and genera of conifers and how we might begin to separate the different species. Some specimens of different cones and foliage will be available here for study.On the second day we shall explore the Garden. This will be an opportunity to consolidate what we covered in the classroom. You will build confidence in field recognition of the major genera and also practice looking for appropriate features to confirm the species. We shall focus chiefly on those conifers that are most commonly found in Britain but, at the risk of overwhelming beginners, we shall not ignore at least some of the unusual and uncommon members of this wonderful group of plants.