1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Image credit: Ketty La Rocca, Appendice per una supplica (Appendix to a Petition), 1972 ©The Estate of Ketty La Rocca and Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London

In this online talk Dr Amy Tobin, curator of Exhibitions, Research and Events at Kettle’s Yard explores gender, art making, performance and desire in the works by three women artists featured in The Human Touch exhibition: Alexis Hunter, Ketty La Rocca and Geta Bratescu.

This event is linked to our upcoming exhibition The Human Touch.


About The Human Touch

Touch is our first sense. Through touch we make art, stake a claim to what we own and those we love, express our faith, our belief, our anger. Touch is how we leave our mark and find our place in the world; touch is how we connect.

Drawing on works of art spanning four thousand years and from across the globe, this exhibition explores the fundamental role of touch in human experience, and offers new ways of looking.

The curators explore anatomy and skin; the relationship between the brain, hand, and creativity; touch, desire and possession; ideological touch; reverence and iconoclasm. A final section collects a range of reflections, historic and contemporary, on touch.

This exploration of our most fundamental sense is urgent, timely and resonant.