Research Projects

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Research and our Collections

The University of Cambridge Museums hold exceptional collections, reflecting Cambridge's position as one of the world’s leading universities. Our eight accredited museums house more than five million works of art, artefacts and specimens, including five designated collections.

The museum collections represent a vast spectrum of diverse and complementary interconnecting themes, linking art and science, exploration and experimentation, creativity and innovation. Gathered over more than three centuries, they provide unique historical records of scholarly endeavour, but are not just a historical legacy, continually developing through research, fieldwork and contemporary practice.

The museums sit at the heart of a network of internationally-collaborative, cutting-edge research, with staff amongst the leading scholars in their field. They support active research groups and work within the wider Cambridge academic community and beyond.

Research Visits 

The University's collections are a world-class resource for researchers, students and members of the public.

Many of the collections can be accessed online and the museums regularly host visiting researchers from around the world, who work with the collections as part of their research.

Please contact the museums directly with queries about the collections or to organise a research visit. Museum contact details are available on the individual museum pages found on our homepage.