8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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8:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Online Film Festival. Not in person at the Polar Museum.

Native Spirit Film Festival

Join us for the Polar Museum's part of the Native Spirit Film Festival, the UK's first and only annual independent festival promoting Native Filmmakers, Media, Artists, Indigenous languages and narrative sovereignty.

Celebrating Inuk Film on International Inuit Day – Online Film Programme

Sunday 7 November

Celebrating 2021 International Inuit Day, Native Spirit Festival, in partnership with The Polar Museum and Inuk filmmaker & actor, Vinnie Karetak, present shorts and animations from Nunavut bringing stories of Inuit survivance in the Arctic and tales of supernatural and horror. Supported by the High Commission of Canada in the UK.

GIANT BEAR ᓇᓄᕐᓗᒃ (2018, 12min) dir. Neil Christopher, Daniel Gies

A timeless Inuit legend about a solitary man, a giant bear and their daunting foes: each other.

Centered on a confrontation between the last monster bear and an Inuit hunter, Giant Bear is a chilling short that brings an ancient story out of the North.

GNAWER OF ROCKS (2020, 13min) dir. Andrea Flaherty

Two young women are trapped in the lair of the Mangittatuarjuk, the Gnawer of Rocks. The young women and their village use the teachings of the elders to try to defeat the monster.

MAHAHA (2020, 12min) dir. Babah Kalluk

When Aulaja's father is off hunting she ignores his reminder to be cautious. Aulaja leaves her protective sled dog Siku behind to go fishing and she is attacked by an ancient land spirit. If she hopes to survive, a sacrifice will need to be made.

HAUNTED BLIZZARD (2020, 11min) dir. Aviaq Johnston

A teenage girl walks home in a burgeoning blizzard, happy to have an unexpected snow day. Ignoring an Elder's warning about the terror the blizzard holds, she finds herself alone in her home with an unseen presence stalking and tormenting her.

THE BOYS (2020, 8 min) dir. Vinnie Karetak

How can we ever know how someone keeps going after a tragedy? That question is in the loving broken heart of this film. Follow this ever brief conversation that is deeper then the actual words between the two woman and their families. set with the landscape of Iqaluit, a conversation at the airport's baggage carousel and a woman's slow drive home all tell the story in this gentle searing story of grief.

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