6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event information
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us at the Museum for a special performance-based Taruwa evening. An informal gathering of performers featuring Ndukwe Onuoha, Donna Ogunnaike and Bez Idakula will explore the theme of Power and Memory in the atmospheric setting of the galleries after-hours through music, spoken word and conversation. 

Event timings
6pm: Museum opens
6.30 - 6:35pm: Intro and welcome - Lydia Idakula
6.35 - 6:50pm: Performance 1 - Ndukwe Onuoha 
6.50 - 7:05pm: Performance 2 - Donna Ogunnaike
7.05 - 7.20pm: Speak! - (an Informal conversation with audience) - Moderated by Lydia 
7.20 - 7.35pm: Final performance - Bez Idakula
8pm: Museum closes

Ticket Holders can wander the galleries before and after the performances, and pay bar will be available between 6-6.30pm

Please note: that because this event is happening in the gallery space seating will be dispersed across the spaces. It will be limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us in advance if you would like to talk about access requirements via info@museums.cam.ac.uk  

This event is curated by Arts Manager Lydia Idakula who developed the successful Taruwa festival format in Lagos from 2007 onwards. 

More about the performers:

Ndukwe Onuoha
Ndukwe is a spoken word poet, filmmaker, advertising copywriter and Derby City Councillor. In 2020 he was endorsed by Arts Council England for his work in poetry and moved to the UK with his family the following year. When he’s not creating advertising by day, doing UK spoken word rounds or working for the residents in his ward, he’s working on short films inspired by Nigerian mythology. Over the course of his career he has created memorable ads for brands in Nigeria, West Africa and the UK across various sectors. His work focuses on crafting messages that resonate with the cultural and lived experiences of his target audience, whomever they may be. You can listen to his second spoken word album, Nwa Chukwu on your favourite music platform.

Donna Ogunnaike
Donna is an oil and gas lawyer with 22 years of legal advisory services, as well as an Artist Migrant and a poet. She recently got endorsed by Arts Council England for a Global Talent Visa based on her work in performance poetry and theatrical productions premised on poetry. As an artist, when she’s not performing protest poems highlighting ills of governance in Nigeria, she is usually focused on more intimate and cathartic artistic expressions. She has curated, written and produced shows which have received critical acclaim in Lagos, Abuja, Hong Kong, Scotland and London. 

Bez Idakula
Bez is an award-winning music artist, songwriter and producer with over 12 years of experience in the music scene. His alternative sound blends pop, soul, rock and afro to create a unique groove. He has achieved international critical acclaim; featured by the US’ Boston Globe, Vogue, Essence.com, Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC, and many more, and has performed in venues and festivals in Africa, USA and the UK with his Bez Live Concert series. He is passionate about empowering emerging music creatives to find expression, and build sustainable careers, a project he’s pursued through his creative hub. Creator, innovator and builder of dreams - Bez continues to defy boundaries in everything he does. 

About the Curator
Lydia Idakula is an award nominated producer, writer and arts manager who has produced several theatre productions, film, TV shows, festivals and arts events. Notably, she was the Artistic Director of Lagos Theatre Festival, the largest multi arts festival in West Africa.  Lydia is passionate about global collaborations and creating opportunities for underrepresented and migrant artistes. She lives and works in the UK as a freelance producer, where she is currently working on her first musical.