In our first Live Q&A for Museum Remix: Unheard, Liz Hide, Director of the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, and Helen Ritchie, Curator of Applied Arts at the Fitzwilliam Museum, answer your questions about their chosen objects.

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The Barrington Quarry Rhino

In 1900, in Barrington, near Cambridge, three men pose for a photograph alongside a partially-excavated fossil rhinocerus skill. How can we imagine the interactions between these three men from very different social classes. Were they respectful of each other's knowledge? Or was it strongly hierarchical?


Queen Victoria

This larger-than-life portrait of Queen Victoria, ageing, careworn, and sad, was sculpted between 1887-1889 as she celebrated 50 years on the throne. As a portrait of an obviously older, powerful woman (Victoria was aged 68), it's unusual in a museum gallery, where the walls are covered with young beauties. But she is also a powerful symbol of the British Empire.

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