Welcome to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

A walk through the University’s oldest museum will take you on a 4.5 billion year journey through time, from the meteoritic building blocks of planets, to the thousands of fossils of animals and plants that illustrate the evolution of life in the oceans, on land and in the air. 

Collection Highlights

- Iguanodon – a complete replica dinosaur skeleton gifted to the Museum by the King of Belgium in 1896.
- Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull – A replica of the skull of ‘stan’ found in South Dakota, USA.
- Megaloceros – A giant prehistoric deer skeleton from Ireland purchased by Adam Sedgwick.
- Museum Woodwardianum – The oldest intact geological collection in the world and the Museum’s founding collection of nearly 10,000 objects.
- William Smith Map – The first geological map of the UK published in 1815, standing at nearly 9ft high.

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Family Visits

Visiting with a buggy
Buggies can use the lift if they need to – please use the intercom to request access as you must be accompanied by a member of staff if doing this. Buggies can be left inside the Museum entrance if they need to be. The size restrictions of the lift mean that not all buggies will fit. The size of the lift and more details can be found on our website.

Research Enquiries and Image Permissions

For information about consulting the Museum's collection for research purposes, see its research profile.
For image permissions, see the guidance on the Museum’s website.