Walking on Thin Ice: Co-operation in the face of a changing climate

In August 2019 we invited a group of Year 12 students from across the UK to curate a unique exhibition about climate change. We wanted to give a platform to young people, who are increasingly leading the conversation on climate issues, but whose voices aren't always represented by museums. We are now pleased to present their fantastic exhibition.

'Walking on Thin Ice' takes a look at contemporary research, as well as what is being done outside the scientific sphere, to address our changing climate. 

Tour: Jim Ede and India, reverberations in the Kettle's Yard House and Collection

Join Curatorial Assistant Alina Khakoo for a spotlight tour of South Asian stories in the Kettle’s Yard House. If Ede described the House as his ‘portrait’, then this is a chance to explore how his travels in British India and enduring connections with the South Asian subcontinent come to life in the art and non-art objects in the House. From textiles to a Tibetan yak bell, find out how the Kettle’s Yard collection manifests Ede’s sustained yet complex engagement with South Asia.

£5, booking recommended

Open House

Open House Artists in Residence, Wright & Vandame, are exploring ideas of mental health, well-being, and space with our local community in North Cambridge. Inspired by the House and Jim Ede’s own experiences, the Research Space will be an evolving display, documenting and reflecting Wright & Vandame’s progression through their residency.

The artists have curated a selection of works of art from the Kettle’s Yard Reserve Collection exploring abstraction, nature, and wellbeing.

Talk: Jim Ede and India

Join Kettle’s Yard Curatorial Assistant Alina Khakoo for a talk about Jim Ede’s travels in India between 1917–19, and to quote the collector himself, the ‘reverberations’ of this journey that sounded throughout his life. Taking a closer look at material from the Jim Ede and India display, and presenting further findings from other national collections and archives, this discussion explores the nuances of the collector’s lifelong engagement with South Asian politics, culture and religion.

FREE, booking required

Jim Ede and India

In Jim Ede’s time the entrance to the Kettle’s Yard sitting and dining room featured a rug that Ede purchased in India in 1919, during his early twenties. On the occasion of Homelands: Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, ‘Jim Ede and India’ uncovers how the South Asian subcontinent was a crucial point of departure for the Kettle’s Yard House and collection, as well as for the friendships and philosophies cultivated by its owner.

Homelands: Art from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

Through photography, sculpture, painting, performance and film, the exhibition engages with displacement and the transitory notion of home in a region marked by the repercussions of the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, and the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, as well as by contemporary migration. The artists explore intimate and political histories, often contesting borders, questioning common pasts and imagining new futures.