Join us at Kettle’s Yard for special performances by artist Issam Kourbaj to accompany Issam Kourbaj: Urgent Archive. These performances will mark the 13th anniversary of the conflict in Syria.

Join us online for a conversation between Richard Calvocoressi, who knew Jim Ede after he moved to Edinburgh in the 1970s, and Laura Freeman, author of the new biography Ways of Life: Jim Ede and the Kettle’s Yard Artists. They will discuss Jim Ede, Kettle’s Yard and the origins of her acclaimed book.

National Treasures: Botticelli in Cambridge brings together a selection of renaissance works from our own collection alongside the Italian artist’s iconic painting of lovers — Venus, the goddess of love and Mars, the god of war.

The arrival of Venus and Mars in Cambridge presents a rare opportunity to see the work outside of London. Until now, the painting has never before left its home at the National Gallery where it’s become one of their most popular and well-loved works since it was bought in 1874.

Sometimes seen as an eccentric figure or lone genius, William Blake’s Universe is the first exhibition to explore Blake’s boundless imagination in the context of wider trends and themes in European art including romanticism, mysticism and ideas of spiritual regeneration.

Why is there a fin whale skeleton in Cambridge? What can we learn from our Dodo skeleton? What did Darwin collect here and on the Voyage of the Beagle, and what can these collections tell us about him and is ideas on evolution?

Hear these stories and more on an expert guided tour around the Museum of Zoology.

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Tours last approx. one hour. 


Join us for a fantastic whodunit mystery this winter and track down who's been stealing seeds from pinecones. Simply pick up a free Crazy Cone Caper trail on your way into the Garden and start investigating.  On your adventure you will find amazing pinecones from all around the world, discover cool facts and solve puzzles. Have you got the skills to work out which of our six suspects is guilty?

Suitable for all ages. Children must be accompanied. Standard Garden entry charges applies for adults.

Presenting new and recent paintings, this exhibition will be Portia Zvavahera’s first solo exhibition at a public gallery in Europe.

Drawing on southern Africa culture, Christian iconography, traditional European painting and African printmaking, this exhibition will show artworks informed by the artists own dreams and the spiritual traditions she grew up with as a child.

These semi-autobiographical works use layers of colour and texture and various artistic techniques including batik stencilling, block-printing, drawing and painting with ink.

This is the first major solo exhibition in the UK of work by Megan Rooney (b. 1985, South Africa).

In June 2024, Megan Rooney will spend three weeks making a new ‘mural’, painting directly on the walls of one of Kettle’s Yard’s two galleries. In the other gallery a group of new paintings will be exhibited for the first time. 

Since 2011 Issam Kourbaj’s artwork has responded to the ongoing conflict in Syria, and reflects on the suffering of his fellow Syrians and the destruction of his cultural heritage. This exhibition presents key works from this period alongside a new series which explores themes of loss, memory and renewal.

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