Have fun the Roman way this Easter at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. Join us for a relaxed afternoon of Roman board games and see if you can beat your friends and family members. You'll even get to make and decorate your very own game to take home with you. Put on your best toga (optional) and drop in to find out how the ancient Romans kept themselves entertained.


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Email museum@classics.cam.ac.uk

Join us for a live online talk and Q&A with Prof Rebecca Kilner FRS, Director of the Museum of Zoology, Cambridge. Hear about her fascinating research into animal behaviour, and how recent work on the parental behaviour of burying beetles is changing our understanding of evolution. Ask your questions and find out more about the Museum, its collections, and how they are being harnessed for research and engagement.

Join Curator Dr Susanne Turner on this tour of the Museum of Classical Archaeology’s Cast Gallery. The Museum houses a rather unusual collection: instead of original statues, the Cast Gallery is packed with more than 600 historical plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculptures. But why do we have all these replicas? And how might thinking about copying help us to look differently at ancient sculpture?

Libraries and museums across the world are filled with the remnants of the Greek and Roman past: objects, manuscripts, literary works, papyri, inscriptions… not to mention copious amounts of ink spilt on understanding them. But access to this classical past has not always been equal – and, in fact, a classical education was historically the preserve of the rich. So who owns the past?

Few figures have exercised as much fascination in Western history as Julian the ‘Apostate’, the last Roman emperor to believe in the Greek gods. Hated in the Middle Ages, loved by the Enlightenment, he continues to feature in contemporary fiction from Erik Ibsen and Gore Vidal to Julian Barnes’ Elizabeth Finch (2022). But who was Julian? What drove his resistance against the final and perhaps most radical of the transformations of Roman power, its Christianisation?

The Cambridge Festival is open for booking, with a mixture of online, on-demand and in-person events covering all aspects of the world-leading research happening at Cambridge.

For 2023 the Festival includes a special fifth theme - Power.

From panel discussions, film premieres, and self-guided walking tours, to interactive activities for the whole family, discover a breadth events on the Festival website. 


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Enjoy exploring a selection of stunning, winning images from the 16th International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition (IGPOTY). These will be displayed in large format, outdoors, near the Grass Maze.

The exhibition features a selection of higher-placed winning photographs, including images from the ‘The Colours of Cambridge University Botanic Garden’ competition, run in partnership with IGPOTY.


Since the group was formed in 2007, the outstanding musicians of The House of Bedlam, directed by composer Larry Goves, have constantly shocked, amused and amazed audiences throughout the UK, with performances that embrace theatricality, spoken word and improvisation. During the lockdowns of 2020, they recorded Enclosure, a highly acclaimed album released on the NMC label.

Join us for a Chamber Music concert in the Kettle’s Yard House as we welcome back Fenella Humphreys playing a varied programme including baroque works, showpieces from Paganini and newer Celtic folk-inspired works.

…Humphreys’ utter absorption and delight shines forth at every turn…… strong-toned, easy fluidity and immaculate technique… Gramophone

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Join us for a Chamber Music concert in the Kettle’s Yard House as we welcome back the Solem Quartet.

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