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Have you ever wanted to know more about Greek pottery? This is your chance! 

In this activity you will chose one of three pottery shapes to decorate inspired by Greek pottery styles. You can use pencil and paper to complete this, but you can also get creative with some coloured pencils or paints. 

In Greek pottery shapes tell us about function. In this activity you can learn about three pottery shapes and what they were used for: Greek Pottery Templates. You can either print these off or use paper and pencil to copy them.

Ancient Greeks liked to decorate their pottery in rich complicated designs. The Museum of Classical Archaeology holds hundreds of pottery sherds (pieces). We hope that these sherds inspire you to create your own Greek Vase. You can draw fanciful patterns on your pot using these examples of pottery sherds  from the museum: Guide to Decorating Greek Pottery.

We have picked a few examples of the geometric style, which focuses on shapes and lines. We also threw in a few more complicated styles for fun. You should know that the ideal in Greek pottery was to cover the entire surface of the vase with these decorations.

Want to be even more like an ancient Greek potter? Try writing your name on your vase in Greek letters using this guide to the Greek Alphabet

Want to see more of our pottery? You can browse our catalogue from the comfort of your home: