carved totem pole at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropologytotem pole in the museum of archaeology and anthropologyoutline of cedar tree for copy activity

Key Stage
Type of Activity


Let’s have a look at the totem pole, it’s very big at over 13 metres tall.

What faces can you see?

Can you see any animals?

How many animals can you find?


Using the tree illustration, draw what you can see on the totem pole, into the tree trunk. If you don’t have a printer, you could draw the tree as well.


Watch Kaitlin’s short film to be shown what to do!

The totem pole in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology used to be in front of a house. Each figure is called a ‘crest’ and tells the story of the family who lived in the

Instant activity

Can you find something in your house that reminds you of each person in your house or family. Then put them all together in a collection.

Detailed activity

You’ll need some paper clips and sheets of paper. Pick someone in your house or family, draw a portrait on each piece of paper and then build your own totem pole.


If you would like to be posted paper copies please email

We would also love to be emailed any photos of anything you make!

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