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While we sleep at night, a world of nocturnal animals are going about their lives outside. Creatures like foxes and mice, owls and badgers and bats and moths tend to sleep or shelter during the day, and search for food at night.Illustration of bat

There are 18 species of bats in the UK and all of them eat insects. They often catch these insects mid-flight, using echolocation to help them find insects on the wing. One of the types of insects that bats catch and eat are moths. Full of energy and often found in high numbers at night-time, they are a perfect snack for bats.

Explore more about bats from the Bat Conservation Trust, including listening to their sounds here: UK bats

Create your own night-time wildlife mobile using our quick guide and the videos below:

You will need:Craft materials to match list

  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pencils
  • A stick or paper straw

Before you start, decide on the moth you would like to create using the Wildlife Trusts guide: UK moths


Top tips:

Top tips:

  1. Bat and moth mobile in front of treeYou can use any colour or size of paper. It just needs to be a square shape.
  2. Cut a small hole in the centre of your animals to thread the string through. Be sure to tie a knot on the end so that it doesn't fall all the way through.
  3. If you do not have a suitable stick or paper straw, you could also use a coathanger to hang your animals from.
  4. Add extras such as a moon or stars for the night sky.
  5. Some moths have feathery antennae, create these using scissors and small pieces of paper.

Hang your night-time wildlife mobile up and watch it twist and turn.


Build your own moth trap to observe night-time flying moths in your garden using our guide:

Build your own Moth Trap

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