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Science is often presented as an objective subject, but scientists themselves are influenced by the world around them and by their own prejudices. Students will think about the links between instruments in our collection, scientific racism and the exploitation of resources and people through colonialism and Empire. The session will include a tour of the museum to think about the hidden histories behind some of our objects, a session looking at the faulty "science" behind racist hierarchies and a session discussing bias in globes and maps. 

Duration: Can be booked as: 

A 60-minute outreach session (online or in person) with ideas for activities to complete in class


A 90-minute session in the museum- please note that our maximum group size is 45 due to the small size of the museum. You can find our group leader notes for taught sessions here and the outline for this session here

Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (museum sessions 10-11.30 or 1-2.30, outreach negotiable), subject to availability 

How to Book 

Use the "taught session" option on our booking system at to book this session. 


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