Ever wondered how books are made? Before the invention of electricity and printing machines, books were handmade. Each book was unique and one of a kind. The text inside was handwritten too. This activity will introduce you to the craft of bookmaking.

You will make your own book using things you have at home! You get to decide how big or small it is, choose the book covers and paper colour. It is all up to you!

To Make Your Own Book you will need: 

This summer, Wisbech & Fenland Museum will be out and about at different venues across the town.

Drop-in for this free managed activity on fossils at St Peter’s Church Hall, Wisbech.

Ages 3+

Cambridge University Library’s exhibition, Ghost Words: Reading the past, takes a closer look at some of the lost words scraped off parchment and hidden beneath newer text, in objects known as palimpsests. These ghost words, which remained undiscovered for centuries, are being uncovered using a modern digital technique known as spectral imaging.

With this activity, you can create and reveal your own hidden message using this DIY invisible ink! What will your secret message say? And who will get to read it?

Museums display objects together to tell a story about a time, place, person, or event. The Museum of Cambridge would love to see the objects in your home that tell your story. 

Make a Museum on a Shelf by following the instructions on the downloadable activity sheet. Make a museum label for this and then share pictures of your display with the Museum of Cambridge. 

Download the full instructions here.

Join artist Susie Olczak for an online arts and crafts workshop inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman statues. Susie will be showing you how to create art from cardboard and household materials live from the Museum of Classical Archaeology. 

This year, the Farmland Museum Fete is packed full with music, dancing and games.

Join the Museum for the maypole, morris dancing and folk music and try your hand at a few games.

The café will be open for lunch, or tea and cake.

Drop-in to complete the tall tower trail then try out some tower building challenges. 

Join this introductory workshop on glass fusing where adult and child can work side-by-side to create their own unique pieces of kiln-fired art.

Ages 7+

Suitable for beginners or those who would like a little more practice, join this workshop to learn how to cut glass to create your own kiln-fired artwork.

Ages 7+

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