Could ichthyosaurs see in the dark? Find each hidden dinosaur and learn a fun fact about the dark.

Free, drop in during opening hours


We look forward to welcoming you to the Polar Museum for a relaxed morning aimed at children with special educational needs and disabilities, who usually find visiting museums overwhelming due to conditions that affect their sensory processing and/or have a developmental disability, and their families, siblings and carers.

During this time, the museum will be open exclusively for families with children with sensory sensitivities, so we can ensure a quieter environment.

Join us for a family friendly exploration of the museum. See the galleries in a different light with creative workshops, storytelling and self-led guides.

A link to book activities and storytelling will be emailed to you once you have booked a Twilight general visit ticket.

Join us for a Twilight celebration event at Kettle's Yard. Interact with a new artwork exploring light and shadow created by artist Georgia Akbar and students from Castle School in our Clore Learning Studio.

Enjoy carnival-inspired story-telling in the galleries amongst the current exhibition 'Paint like the Swallow Sings Calypso'. PLUS make your own carnival head-dress at the pop-up Art Cart!

Test your skills in the Museum with activities based on our exhibition, Colour: Art, Science and Power. How have people across the world or in the past used colour?  Can you beat our colour challenges and leave a winner? While you’re in the museum, pick up a copy of our Bumper Twilight 2023 Trail, packed full of things to do and mysterious objects to find. Twilight fun for all the family.


Explore the Museum after hours!

Watch the collection come alive under moonlight and discover the secrets of a 300-year old inn.

Booking advised but walk-ins welcome on the evening.


This is your chance to visit the Museum and explore by torchlight - see the museum as you've never seen it before and have a go at shadow drawing.

Bring your own torch or head lamp.

FREE event but places are limited so booking is essential.

Are you brave enough to descend into Hades, the Underworld of ancient Greece? It is easy enough to enter, but very few manage to leave... Fortunately for you, the Queen of the Underworld Persephone has offered you the chance to escape if you can gather her six golden pomegranate seeds.

What do you think the first space toys might have looked like? What would you do if you were a space commander? Explore space-related toys in the Whipple Museum's collection. Our video tour includes information about some of our objects and questions to discuss with your family or just think about on your own.

What do you think the first space toys might have looked like? What would you do if you were a space commander? Discover some of the space-related toys in the Whipple Museum's collection and explore the museum in the dark. Please note that because of the small size of the museum this is a ticketed event - book your free tickets using the link on this page. Depending on numbers we may be able to accept walk in visits on the night, but we can't guarantee entry to anyone who doesn't have a ticket. 

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