Join us in our Clore Learning Studio for free, practical art making workshops. Respond to the displays and exhibitions to make your own artworks. Get creative with artists and our education volunteers, no previous art experience needed!

Activities are for all but most suitable for children between 3 and 11 years. We like to encourage parents/carers to create alongside their child.

This challenge is a fun, interactive cyber-security exercise to teach you good online security behaviours through a variety of problem-solving tasks. The escape ‘room’ covers important topics, such as Phishing, Data leakage, Creating strong passwords, to name a few.

Can you crack the code and solve the case?

The Pico RP2020 microcontroller is a powerful, efficient, and affordable device capable of all sorts of wonders. Just connect it to your computer, write some code using Micropython, upload it to the Pico and you’re ready to go! We will be using the Pico to create and code a basic traffic light system.

The activity is aimed at young people aged 11 years and over.

Please note that all under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Student wellbeing creative workshop.

Join guest artist Sa'adiah Khan for a dose of joy as we create lino block prints inspired by the patterns of South Asia.

Historically, safe passages have turned into dangerous routes. Thousands of refugees and migrants die every year in the Mediterranean. This talk will look at whether the duty to help at sea is still upheld.

Where are our borders? For people on the move – whether refugees, migrants or tourists - borders are not always where we assume them to be. This talk will engage with politics of borders, migration policies, as well as the growing role of islands as part of border politics.

Historian Elizabeth Key Fowden talks about collectors of Mediterranean textiles in the new Fitzwilliam display 'Mediterranean Embroideries' and discusses the short film made for the display 'Running threads, dancing bodies', featuring the life of a contemporary Greek collector and maker, Andreas Peris Papageorgiou.

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Have fun the Roman way this Easter at the Museum of Classical Archaeology. Join us for a relaxed afternoon of Roman board games and see if you can beat your friends and family members. You'll even get to make and decorate your very own game to take home with you. Put on your best toga (optional) and drop in to find out how the ancient Romans kept themselves entertained.


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Children are not exact copies of their parents, instead they get a mix of traits from both parents. This is due to trait reassortment that occurs during the formation of eggs and sperm.

The same is true for plants. How does this happen? What can go wrong? What does it mean for crops?

This talk will look at what happens with parental traits when plants reproduce through seed, ask how seedless fruit are made and talk about recent discoveries in trait reassortment control that can help breeders improve crops.

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