This group exhibition is based on the pioneering vision of artist Li Yuan-chia (1929 – 1994) and the LYC Museum & Art Gallery which he founded and ran between 1972 and 1983 in the Cumbrian village of Banks, alongside Hadrian’s Wall.

These responses make us see the Museum’s Greco-Roman bodies differently. They make these bodies more alien and more relevant. What does it mean to look at ancient representations of the body from the vantage point of the present? Why represent the human body at all? And why that vision of the human body? How human(e) is it?

Conversations between whales in the oceans, the low throb of ship engines, bursts of vibrations excited by earthquakes…we cannot hear these vibrations as sounds, the human ear is not able to, but what if we could? What if we could make the sounds of the Earth audible?

Be the first to see Real Families: Stories of Change at this special after-hours event with pay bar and music.

Image: Chantal Joffe, 'Me, Em and Nat', 2019 © Chantal Joffe. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro

Enjoy the Museum and explore the Black Atlantic: Power, People, Resistance exhibition at this evening of art, music, workshops, talks and fashion curated by students from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Join us to see the Garden brought to life after dark with stunning displays and artistic interventions!

The lights will highlight some of the Garden’s most beloved features (such as the Fountain, Lake and Glasshouse Range) and create beautiful experiences around the rest of the landscape.

Our Café will be on the route with warm offerings, and there will also be hot drinks and snacks available halfway round to revive spirits and warm up any chilly fingers!

Bringing together more than 120 artworks spanning painting, photography, sculpture and film, Real Families: Stories of Change asks us to consider what makes a family today, and the impact our families have on us, through the eyes of contemporary artists.

By bringing together collections from across the University of Cambridge’s museums, libraries and colleges with loans from around the world, Black Atlantic: Power, People, Resistance asks new questions about Cambridge’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and looks at how objects and artworks have influenced history and perspectives.

Whether it’s your favourite woolly jumper or a 17th-century wooden globe, pests love eating organic materials. This means they are a threat to museum collections. This display showcases objects that have been damaged by pests and explores the behind-the-scenes work that museums do to protect their objects. You can even have a go at identifying real museum pests yourself!

Join us for the opening night of Topos Embodied, an exhibition by artists Justyna Borucka and Cat Vitebsky at the Museum of Classical Archaeology.

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