BioBlitz 2022

Welcome to BioBlitz 2022!  Join us at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden as we explore the wildlife at the Garden, with a range of bookable activities for the whole family. We'll be mini beast hunting, pond dipping, running crafty caterpillar workshops, and much much more!

Zoology Live! 2022

We'll be chatting with experts about how to support wildlife & looking at the wildlife in the Botanic Garden. You will have the opportunity to put your questions live to our experts. 

Zoology Live! is running on two nights  - on Tuesday 21 June at 7pm, we will be livestreaming from the Museum, and Wednesday 22 June, we will be at the Botanic Garden. Hope you can join us on both nights!

Zoology Live! 2022

Get your questions ready! You will have the chance to put your questions LIVE to our experts. We'll be talking to experts on butterflies and Australian mammals - plus lots of activities and mini films to watch. This is a FREE online event for the whole family. 

It takes place on two nights - Tuesday 21st June at 7pm from the Museum and on Wednesday 22nd June we will be broadcasting live from Cambridge University Botanic Garden. 

Please register your interest for this event to receive updates

Howardena Pindell: A New Language

About Howardena Pindell

Howardena Pindell (b.1943, Philadelphia, PA) works across painting and film. She is an activist, critic and teacher who spent over a decade working at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, as one of the institution’s first Black curators. Largely known for her monumentally scaled abstract canvases, Pindell has expanded the definition of what abstract painting can be through her inclusion of glitter, paper circles made from punched holes, and the layering of mixed media and scent.

ID Morning

Are you a bit of an amature rock hound, do you like collecting interesting rocks, do have a strange looking rock that you would like to know more about? Bring your rock or fossil find to the Museum and our team from the Museum and Department of Earth Science will help you identify it.

This is a drop in event but if we are busy we might ask you to chose your favourite for our team to look at.


Butterfly Talk: Extinction & re-establishment of the large blue butterfly

Join us over Zoom as Professor Jeremy A Thomas talks about extinction and re-establishment of the large blue butterfly in Britain. 

The large blue has long been an iconic species among British wildlife. However, despite many unsuccessful attempts at conservation, UK populations had been in decline for 150 years. Still, this all changed with a successful re-introduction programme guided by research from Professor Jeremy A Thomas.

Butterfly Talk: Cool as a caterpillar

Cool as a caterpillar: the challenges and opportunities of researching across the life cycle with Esme Ashe-Jepson, PhD student

Climate change is threatening many ecosystems worldwide. In order to manage and conserve species, we need to understand the effects of temperature on wildlife. However, conservation is challenged by knowledge gaps in how this will affect species across different stages in their life cycle.

Butterfly talk: Pinning down the butterfly effect

Join us on Zoom for this talk with Galina Jönsson.

'Many insect species are declining at alarming rates while others are booming, but we do not know precisely why. I am seeking answers to these questions in museums’ preserved butterfly collections. My research extends past population trends back to include earlier periods of accelerating human pressures like climate change and habitat loss.’