Spotlight Gallery Talk: Women, Makers and Muses

For centuries, women’s artwork was neglected, their careers thwarted, and their achievements forgotten. Yet, despite the obstacles they faced, many persisted in making art.

This short talk from curator Rebecca Birrell introduces Women: Makers and Muses, a temporary exhibition drawing from our rich holdings of paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics and sculpture, highlighting work by women throughout the history of art and from across the globe.

Spotlight Gallery Talk: Global Gold

Rare, beautiful and easy to work, gold has been valued above all other metals in many societies over the last six thousand years. With its resistance to chemical reactions – it never corrodes or tarnishes – it is often called a ‘noble’ metal. The fascination with, and demand for, gold made it an attractive medium for political symbols of power and status, or to provide standards of value and means of exchange.

Magdalene Odundo in Cambridge: Early Morning Tour

An exclusive early morning tour of our exhibition, Magdalene Odundo in Cambridge, with members of the team behind the show.

Ticket holders are entitled to a 20% discount in the Courtyard Cafe 10am-noon on the day, and a 10% discount on the exhibition catalogue, available for purchase in the Courtyard Shop, on production of your ticket.

Your booking will also include a ticket for general admission, should you wish to visit the rest of the museum after the tour, when the museum opens to the public at 10.00.

ZoologiCOOL - winter wildlife event

How are animals adapted to the cold of winter? Why do some escape it, and are their migrations being affected by climate change? And as for the most important winter journey of all - are reindeer really the best animals to pull Santa’s sleigh? These are all questions we will be looking into in our Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL livestream on Wednesday 1 December. Join us live on our YouTube channel at 7pm and put your questions to our winter wildlife experts!

This is a free online event 

Animal Afterlives - a taxidermy photography exhibition

Animal Afterlives: a photography exhibition on taxidermy by Alexandra Murphy

Natural history museums display and store preserved animals in such a way that they, at first glance, appear to be living, but in reality they are lifeless and fixed in position. When these specimens are photographed, their stillness becomes further frozen in time. Alexandra Murphy has photographed different taxidermy specimen collections in UK and US museums,

in an exploration of the photograph’s relationship with preservation, representation, life and death, past and present.