Find out more about the objects and habits that the Romans introduced to Britain. 

In this activity you can find out about "Romanisation",  the process through which Britain became more Roman.

Download the activity here.

Learn more about the niece of the Emperor Augustus, Antonia Minor. Using useful prompts and a planner, imagine a day in her life. 

Download the activity here.

Which combination of heroes' qualities would you choose? Perhaps the strength of Hercules with the inventiveness of Daedalus?

Learn about mythical heroes and gods then follow the instructions to create your own heroes and heroines.

Download the activity here (pdf)

Download the activity here (Word)

You can still enjoy learning with the Museum of Classical Archaeology, even if you are not able to visit in person. 

With this selection of downloadable learning resources, you can learn about the Ancient Greeks wherever you are. 

Do you want to know how archaeologists know what they know?  This activity will help you think more carefully and learn important observational skills. 

Download the activity here.

Make your own mask with snakes instead of hair.

Based on the story and our own sculpture of Medusa, follow this simple step by step tutorial to make your own fun mask. If you need an idea for an arts and crafts afternoon, this is perfect.

Download the activity here.

In the Museum of Classical Archaeology, the statues are plaster copies of other statues. The process of making them is called plaster casting. In this activity, learn how make your own moulds and casts using salt dough, plasticine and household objects. 

Download the activity here

Follow the instructions to write a Greek myth with heroes, villains, gods and monsters.

Choose between four story types: a quest, homecoming, foundation and monster, illustrated with examples from Greek myth and statues from the Museum's cast gallery throughout. 

Download the activity here

Virtual Schools Service Available

Our Education Coordinator, Justyna, is available to live-stream into your classroom from the gallery to deliver the session. Justyna is available Wednesday - Friday.

For KS2 You can choose from two topics:

Join artist Kaitlin Ferguson in a series of creative activities based on the statue of Nike, goddess of victory. See if you can spot the pieces that are missing from the statue and have a go at making your own set of wings.

Statue template

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