Key Stage
Type of Session

Virtual Schools Service Available

Our Education Coordinator, Justyna, is available to live-stream into your classroom from the gallery to deliver the session. Justyna is available Wednesday - Friday.

For KS2 You can choose from two topics:

  • Greek Myth
  • Roman Emperors 

At secondary level we offer tours of the gallery, as well as more focused sessions around the specification topics. Please fill in our online booking form  if you would like to book an online session. These sessions are entirely free.

What is a Virtual Session Like?

During a virtual school session, Justyna live streams straight from the museum into your classroom. She does this using a tablet, which allows her to move around the museum freely, and show your students a variety of statues. 

The structure of the session is as follows:

  • Introduction to the Museum - Justyna introduces herself, and explains that the museum is a collection of plaster casts. We also address the nudity at this point. 
  • Interactive Storytelling -  Justyna shows the students the pediments from the temple of Zeus at Olympia, and tells the story of Pelops and Onoameus. Throughout, Justyna keeps the children engaged by asking them respond to the story of the myth creatively, describe the heroes, and shout out the Greek names.  
  • Question Time: This is an opportunity for the children to ask Justyna questions about the museum and Ancient Greece. Justyna will also usually walk around the museum during this part, showing different statues. 

The sessions work best if Justyna can see and hear the children, as this makes the session truly interactive. 

The Roman Emperors session looks very similar. The only difference is the middle section, which focuses on statues of Julius Caesar and Claudius. 

There is no maximum group size, but we do ask that you report the number of pupils accurately. Live streaming is available via a range of platforms. As our Education and Outreach Department is funded by the Arts Council, all of our educational activity is free. 

To find out more head to the museum website.