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This is the first activity kit artist Enni-Kukka Tuomala has created as a part of her project “Campaign for Empathy“ and her residency with Kettle’s Yard Open House in North Cambridge.

The Campaign for Empathy Activity Kit 1 is a collection of creative activities aimed at children of primary school age and their families to do at home. We hope you have fun with it!

Enni makes artworks about empathy. Have you heard that word before? Do you already know what it means? Great if you do. And if not, please don’t worry. All the activities in this kit are designed for you to learn more about empathy through creativity and imagination, by making, playing and creating. You can do the activities in any order. Many of them you can do on your own, but for some activities we encourage you to ask an adult you trust to help you, or sometimes to join you.

Activities include making an Empathy badge, drawing experiments, writing a letter to you future self and a template for Empathy glasses which allows you to see what someone else sees.

A pair of Empathy glasses made to of paper with a drawing on each lens, one is their favourite place and the other is their least favourite place.