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Meet the Deep Earth Research Team and find out why and how they study the Deep Earth, and what the team are currently working on.

Visit the Deep Earth Explorers online exhibition to find out more about their exciting research to find answers to the many open mysteries we still don't understand about our planet. The exhibition includes interactive models of the layers of the Earth.

Download three teaching resource packs that include real-world links to the Deep Earth

  1. Using waves to see inside the Earth. Students will make their own seismometers, locate an underground explosion, measure the core using seismic waves, and work out the truth behind a common mantle myth!
  2. Planetary mini-project. This project connects mathematics to geophysics and astronomy to show that understanding data and topics as diverse as Graph work, Density, Geometry, Standard Form and Proportion can be relevant and inspiring.
  3. What is the inside of the Earth like? This dynamic and hands-on workshop challenges students to think for themselves, and to use their knowledge of everyday physics to come to an understanding of the rheology and behaviour of the mantle.
graphic showing the layers of the Earth