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We wish you could come to the Polar Museum at the moment, but whilst we are closed we thought you might like to make your own museum at home!

Watch the video, and download our activity pack.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you already have a collection at home, then you can use that to start your museum. Some people have rocks or stickers, or even stamps.
  • Like our museum, you could choose yours to be about a certain place or location. It could be your town, or part of the world you really like.
  • Some museums are based on periods of time, like the Victorians or the Ancient Egyptians. You can even choose a period of time in your own life and have a baby or toddler museum.
  • If you are in isolation at the moment, think about what you will find around the house, such as pens, toys or even kitchen cutlery