Museum Trails

If you are visiting the Museum with young children, why not download our Rainbow of Colour trail to print out and bring with you? It will keep the children entertained as they look for all the colourful specimens in the Museum, and they can even use it in the garden or any outdoor space too.


Nature Classroom (for ages 5-11)

The natural world is an amazing place. Join us as we explore it from home. Here we will be posting animal profiles, hands on activities and more, uncovering the secrets of skeletons, the evolution of animal life, and the way animals and plants live together.

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Our Changing Planet (for ages 11-16)

The world around us is constantly changing. Natural processes have shaped the species we see today, but humans are having a huge impact on living things and their habitats. We have altered landscapes, accelerated climate change, and pushed species to the edge. Here we explore our evolving planet with with resources linked to current research, links to conservation efforts, and more.

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