Early Years Studio

Early Years Studio is a fun, creative, immersive experience for children aged 0-4. The sessions are designed with early years development in mind. Artists draw upon their expertise as early years facilitators and use the Kettle’s Yard ethos and collection to create sessions where babies, toddlers and their carers can experience and learn together.

ZoologiCOOL - winter wildlife event

How are animals adapted to the cold of winter? Why do some escape it, and are their migrations being affected by climate change? And as for the most important winter journey of all - are reindeer really the best animals to pull Santa’s sleigh? These are all questions we will be looking into in our Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL livestream on Wednesday 1 December. Join us live on our YouTube channel at 7pm and put your questions to our winter wildlife experts!

This is a free online event 

Sleepy Sloths Trail

This half term we will be hiding lots of sleepy sloths amongst the specimens in the Museum - can you seek them out? Pick up our sloth trail in the Museum, and look carefully to find them all. You may even spot the skeleton of a giant ground sloth on display, it was one of the largest mammals to ever walk the Earth and it's one of our largest exhibits.

This trail is running from Sat 23 Oct 2021 to Sun 14 November 2021

Love Stories for the Earth

Join us at the Polar Museum with renowned storyteller Marion Leeper to explore life under water, with a story from the far North about The Mended Seal.

17 stories, each one launched in a different place. Love Stories for the Earth will lure children away from screens and into nature, asking questions and having adventures.

Expect rocks and shells, an undersea palace, and a story about give and take between the people that row on the sea and the creatures that live underneath.

Family Friendly Opening

Join us at the Polar Museum for our Family Friendly Opening Day this half-term. Timed, bookable tickets available specifically for children and their carers. There will be sanitised object handling, museum trails and there will also be some short films and science demonstrations running in our lecture theatre at points throughout the day.

Autumn Animals – Self-led family activity

Pick up a special animal card on your way into the Garden this autumn to create your own artwork as you explore with your family. There are 6 cards to collect, each one featuring a different animal, along with facts and ideas for fun games and activities. A different animal will be at the ticket gates each week from Friday 10th September. During the school half-term week all six cards will be available. Can you collect them all?

Admission charge applies for accompanying adults.