Rumours are that a secret society of botanists has been operating in Cambridge for 300 years. Believed to be called the Order of the Golden Lily, membership is reserved for plant lovers only. For those daring enough to seek membership, pick up a trail booklet on your way into the Botanic Garden to find out more and to begin your adventure into the wonderful world of plants. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to become the newest member of this secret club? 

Join us in the Garden Room as we find out about the plants that were around at the time of dinosaurs. We’ll be examining plant fossils and using ferns and conifers from the Garden to make replica fossils using plaster of Paris.

Wardian cases are mini glasshouses that were used in the Victorian times to transport plants around the world. Join us in the Garden to create your own wardian case and plant up with seeds to grow at home.

Come along and have a go making a cyanotype, also known as a sun print. This method of recording plants was used by botanist, Anna Atkins, who was the first person to produce a book of photographs using this technique.

Herbarium sheets are made up of dried and labelled plant material and are used by botanists to keep a record of plants they have found and so scientists can study them. Join us at this session where you can find out more about the herbarium sheets at the University of Cambridge and have a go at making one yourself.

First Saturday Opening at The Whipple!

To celebrate our first Saturday opening, take a guided tour with Director Dr Joshua Nall, starting at 11am and 2pm, June 15th!

Join author Steve Antony has he reads his joyful tale of a family’s quest to find the Rainbowsaurus. On their way, they meet animals that are all the colours of the rainbow, who all want to find the Rainbowsaurus too.

After the story, chat with Steve, and see if you can find our very own Rainbowsaurus hidden in the Museum!

Free, booking essential.

Children and adults must each have a ticket.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

The Garden’s history has all mysteriously vanished from the trail map! Your challenge is to travel back in time to discover all the missing histories and make the map complete.  Simply pick up a free trail map from a Garden entrance to start your adventure.   

Build a bear skeleton and create your own vertebrate to take home! Plus have a go at our quiz in the Discovery Room. Museum entry FREE

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