A Century of Polar Research

On the side of an Antarctic volcano Frank Debenham realised that British polar explorers needed a headquarters – somewhere to share their findings and learn from each other.

The idea for the Scott Polar Research Institute was born, and in 1920 it was officially founded as part of the University of Cambridge. Find out about the Institute's origin as a memorial to Captain Scott and his men, and the pioneering research carried out at the Institute over the last 100 years.

Church and the Ancestors Virtual Tour

Indigenous people around the world have responded to missionary religion in different ways. This exhibition tells the story of how Asmat people of Papua, Indonesia, have transformed Catholicism in accordance with their ancestral ritual life. 

On display in the Andrews Gallery of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (3 December 2020 - March 2021), enjoy a tour of an exhibition curated by Tom Powell Davis and Sophie Hopmeier with the assistance of MAA Senior Curator Anita Herle.

Illustrating Ancient History: Bringing the Past to the Present

This exhibition combines artistic interpretations of archaeological remains, technical drawings of finds, and how both can combine in reconstructions used to bring the past to life in the context of the Aeclanum Project in Southern Italy, where there has been a lot of outreach towards the local community.

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Image copyright: Zofia Guertin


Assuming the Greek gods are immortal and therefore have a continued presence, artist Marian Maguire wonders: would they do things differently? Would they stay the same and maintain the status quo or would they choose to change, if they could see us now? Would they stay, or would they walk away?

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A Night at the Animal Crossing Museum

Rarely do natural history and video games collide as much as they do in the wonderful natural history museum located on your home island in Animal Crossing. The owl-eyed curator is always keen to pass on his knowledge of the fantastical fossils and intriguing insects (even if they do make him a little scared!). But how do you know if Blathers is giving you all the information you need?

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