CLASSROOM COURSE Mindfulness in the Garden in 3 separate sessions

Enjoy three mornings with Chantek Mary McNeilage, a long-standing mindfulness teacher with a lifelong passion for nature, animals and the environment.

Welcome to exploring the relationship between yourself, mindfulness and all that is offered in the Botanic Garden.  We are all by nature mindful and yet we can be distracted from our natural mindfulness by our concerns, particularly when we are overwhelmed by anxiety, fears, inner judging and the frantic demands of busy lives.  Using the Botanic Garden as your classroom, you will discover the joy, the wonder and the powerful impact

ONLINE COURSE Hand sewing techniques: Dresden plate chrysanthemum

Take your hand sewing skills further with this traditional Dresden plate ‘chrysanthemum’ block. In the first of two classes you will learn to use English paper piecing and applique to create the flower shape of the block. You will also be taught how to use a hand applique technique to apply the plate to the top of the placemat. You will be asked to complete this as ‘homework’ before the next session. The tutor will be available by email during the week to provide support if needed.

ONLINE COURSE Drawing botanicals: from observation to imagination

Each week we will explore different ways of drawing using a variety of techniques and prompts. Karin will introduce the class to a wide range of artistic approaches and examples to guide us in developing our own unique visual language. The structured course will lead us from observational drawings of botanical specimens to more imaginative ways of representing plants and nature. Drawing through observation is a great way to develop your creativity and mindfulness.

CLASSROOM COURSE Tree selection and planting

This full day course, led by Garden Landscapes Team Leader Mark Crouch, will guide you through the placement, selection and planting of trees and shrubs for your garden.

Topics covered will include:

  • Where and where not to plant
  • Different forms and interests
  • How to select your plants and the different types available
  • Planting and aftercare through to establishment
  • A planting demonstration
  • A tour of the garden highlighting young tree care
  • Question and answer session

CLASSROOM COURSE Botanical illustration using graphite: a lesson on tonal values

Participants may use a ‘live’ subject of their choice (preferably something simple in shape – autumn fruits, leaves, simple flowers or vegetables) or they can work from a colour photograph. Janie will show you how to evaluate the colours before drawing them in black & white. Not as easy as it sounds, but a very valuable lesson for anyone wishing to understand the importance of tone in illustration.

Suitable for beginners and upward

CLASSROOM COURSE Printmaking with daylight

An introduction to the innovative and versatile method of fine art printmaking using sunlight and water. Solarplate printing describes the process of printmaking from light sensitive plates that have been exposed to daylight or an artificial source of UV light. The plates are developed in tap water and can be used for relief and intaglio printing. The main advantage is that the plate is capable of holding much detail and offers versatility in image making – participants will be able to transform hand drawn originals, photographs or collected foliage into unique fine art prints.

ONLINE COURSE Gin flavouring

We will explore the history of gin and the development of different techniques to produce it. We will then investigate both the traditional and more contemporary botanicals used to create this distinctive beverage, starting with the holy trinity of juniper, coriander and angelica and then moving on to other herbs, spices, fruits and even roots! After sniffing, crushing and grinding, your senses will be ready for a little blending. Each botanical provides a unique flavour, and the range of combinations is endless.

CLASSROOM COURSE Bringing scent to the garden

Have you ever wondered how to introduce another element to your garden? On this course Sally will provide tips and inspiration to help you add scent to the Garden. During the morning we will talk about the different methods plants adopt to produce scent, discuss a range of plants which will reliably provide fragrance, and visit our Scented Garden to enable participants to add that little extra to their own gardens.