Event information



Part 1
Location: online
Date: Saturday 13/02/21
Time: 10am-1pm

The first session of this two part course covers the fundamental processes and key structures within a plant that are responsible for its growth. Participants will be introduced to plant anatomy, and will gain a deeper understanding of how the internal tissues and organs of plants function. We will look at how photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration work in plants and why understanding them enables you to grow better plants.

Please note Part 1 is an online course using ZOOM. No specialist software is required to participate, but a device with a microphone and webcam will be needed.
This is a live interactive course, and will not be made available as a recording to watch at a later date.

Part 2
Location: Botanic Garden
Date: Sunday 14/02/21
Time: 10am-2pm

During the second session, taking place in the Garden, participants will learn about how plants are adapted for different climates and environments. Learners will see how plants have evolved to enable optimum photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration in a variety of different environments. With a tour of the Mediterranean beds and a backstage pass to some of the specialist areas behind the scenes, this session will focus on identifying plants commonly used as houseplants.

The practical Sunday sessions will take place entirely outdoors so participants will need to come dressed for all weathers.