Join artist Kaitlin Ferguson in a series of activities based on polar exploration. Create your own boat picture and design an imaginary sea creature.

Boat template

Imaginary sea creature net template

Kaitlin Ferguson leads a series of activities based on telescopes and exploration. Make your own viewfinder and design your own planet.

Viewfinder template

Find a new use for used plastic bottles, scrap paper and paperclips.

Watch this film to find out how to create a sculpture of an animal using materials from inside your home.


Let’s have a look at the totem pole, it’s very big at over 13 metres tall.

What faces can you see?

Can you see any animals?

Check out the videos on this page to find out how you can complete a Discover Arts Award.

We're afraid we're not longer able to issue certificates as the videos suggest, but you're welcome to enjoy taking part in this activity! 

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