Check out the videos on this page to find out how you can complete a Discover Arts Award.

We're afraid we're not longer able to issue certificates as the videos suggest, but you're welcome to enjoy taking part in this activity! 

Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. 

For children and young people aged 5-19.

Have fun and get stuck in!


Part A

Ready to get started? This is the bit where you get to discover different art forms and make some artwork of your own. Watch this video to find out more.

(c) Merete Rasmussen 2020

Looking for ideas? Here are some great art activity suggestions we found from across our Museums to suit you, whatever your age. 


Petal Power 

Walk like a Dinosaur

Rainbow Painting

Look Think Do: casting light and shadows

And more from across the Museums here


Art to Go

Recycled Material Assemblages

Dancing with Art


And more from across the Museums here and at the Fitzwilliam Museum!


Part B

Now it's time to find out about some artists who might inspire you. Take a look at this video to find out what to do next.

(c) Merete Rasmussen 2020; Bridget Riley 2020

Here are some posters we made about artists who inspire us. 

Poster showing information learnt about Merete Rasmussen
Merete Rasmussen poster based on Blue Twisted Form


Poster showing information learnt about Bridget Riley
Bridget Riley poster based on Shadowplay


Poster showing information about Claude Monet
Claude Monet poster based on Springtime


Part C

Hopefully by now you'll have made some fantastic artwork and found out about an artist who inspires you. Watch this last video to find out about sharing your work with someone else.


Thanks for taking part! Please note we're no longer able to issue certificates, but we hope you enjoyed completing these activities! You might like to take a look at the Arts Award website if you'd like to enter for an Arts Award certificate. 

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