Join us for a special event in the Kettle’s Yard house, where artist Issam Kourbaj will be in conversation with exhibition curator Guy Haywood.

Please note attendees can visit the exhibition Issam Kourbaj: Urgent Archive from 6pm.

Being subject to a Greek tyrant was bad, but was being a tyrant yourself good if you could get away with it? Join Il-Kweon Sir for this lunchtime foray into those early Greek lyric poets who, living in the age of tyrants, explore the almost irresistible allure of tyranny – but also its dangers.

This talk will last 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.


Our society relies heavily on the manipulation of Earth’s rich natural resources. Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, is a great example of this. But the technological road from working the first iron objects to the ultimate stainless steels of today was long and bumpy. Join Jana Mokrisova for this talk which explores the beginnings of iron working in the Bronze and Iron Ages, and the many experiments that led to some more, and some less, successful discoveries along it.

This talk will last 30 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.


Join Thomas Matthews Boehmer as he shines a light on the urban history of York (Eboracum), the most northerly provincial capital of the Roman Empire. By combining the results from new geophysics, recent excavations and older investigations, this talk demonstrates how new stories are constantly emerging from beneath the tarmacadam of one of Britain’s most touristed cities.

Since 2021, the West Area of Samos Archaeological Project has been working on the Greek island of Samos, discovering and documenting brand-new archaeological sites. Join the project’s Field Director as he dishes the dirt on how this exciting project is changing our understanding of ancient and post-antique Samos; it is exploring the landscape through the use of various investigative techniques including fieldwalking, drone photography and the microscopic analysis of ceramics.

Writing isn’t just a way of recording and communicating language. From ancient times, it has been used to make a statement visually. Join members of the Visual Interactions in Early Writing Systems (VIEWS) Project to explore the uses of writing in art, monuments and ideology in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East.

This is a Cambridge Festival event. The talk will last 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for questions.


Have fun and get messy in the studio and create your own collograph plate and then use this to make your own Kettle’s Yard inspired prints!

This Holiday Workshop is for children aged 7–11 years only. We do not require parents or guardians to remain during the workshop as participants will be warmly supported by our trained artists and staff.

Li Yuan-chia (1929–1994) began making art in Taipei in 1950. From there, his life and career brought him to Bologna, London, and finally, Cumbria, where he made a mark as a community art leader in the 1970s and 1980s.

The development of ‘Cosmic Point’, a conceptual foundation of Li’s work, is crucial in understanding his art. This talk explores this idea, from close readings of his ink paintings to investigating the social and artistic environment that encouraged its formation and evolution.

Travelling back in time, you will learn about the dynamic borders of the tropical region, with a focus on the fossil record. You will then study current patterns of geographic distribution of plant diversity, discovering that it is not homogeneous but dramatically different between continents. You will fly over the tropical belt to understand which regions have the highest species richness, known as “biodiversity hotspots”, and face the strongest threats.

Join the Polar Museum team for a Touch Tour and explore a range of objects from different Arctic cultures.

Meet at Museum entrance. Guide dogs and companions are welcome. The Tour will last 90 minutes.

For bookings and queries please email us at, or telephone Vanessa Dolphin (Programmes & Communications Assistant) on 01223 761067. You can also leave a message on this number.

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