Meet the Deep Earth Research Team and find out why and how they study the Deep Earth, and what the team are currently working on.

Visit the Deep Earth Explorers online exhibition to find out more about their exciting research to find answers to the many open mysteries we still don't understand about our planet. The exhibition includes interactive models of the layers of the Earth.

Virtual Schools Service Available

Our Education Coordinator, Justyna, is available to live-stream into your classroom from the gallery to deliver the session. Justyna is available Wednesday - Friday.

For KS2 You can choose from two topics:

The BBC Young Writers’ Award with Cambridge University is a great chance to get creative. All young people in the UK aged 14-18 are welcome to submit stories of up to 1,000 words by 22nd March. The five shortlisted young writers will have their stories narrated by an actor and recorded for a radio broadcast, and will be published in an anthology.  

Using Twine, an online or desktop application (freely available to everyone).  You will be shown how to set-up variables, update them and use them to change the options in the game.

Click here to learn how!

Why?  Because it's fun!  Also, all the understanding that you will gain can be transferred to modern programming languages like Python.  Discovdder PRINT statement, variables and loops, and then apply these to some creative BBC BASIC commands like SOUND and DRAW.


Check out the videos on this page to find out how you can complete a Discover Arts Award. Just fill in our simple online form when you’ve finished to tell us what activities you’ve done to earn yourself a Discover Arts Award certificate! 

About the Session 

Find out more about the development of medicine and anatomy using objects from the collections of the Whipple Museum and library. Explore changes in anatomy textbooks from rare seventeenth-century editions to modern versions of "Grey's anatomy". Try out a much-hyped Victorian medical device and find out how microscopes revolutionised our understanding of infectious diseases. 

Duration: Can be booked as: 

A 90-minute session in the museum


A 60-minute outreach session (online or in person) 

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