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Stories in Art: Words and Pictures

What is art? How can we understand it? We will look at 3 different artworks together and think about how artists tell stories using pictures instead of words, using the paintings to inspire our own creative writing.


Looking at Art: People and Portraits

What makes a portrait? What can different portraits tell us about a person? How do we represent ourselves? In this session, we look closely at an 18th century European portrait together and learn about its key features, then apply this schematic to an abstract contemporary portrait to explore expression and interpretation. We finally look at a sculpture of a person that is not a portrait, and ask: what makes a portrait?

Children respond creatively with drawing, movement or modelling throughout the session.

The Ancient Greeks

Why do we learn about ancient Greece today? What were people like in ancient Greece and what evidence do we have about their lives? Look closely at real ancient Greek artefacts, including coffins, pots and something that looks mysteriously like graffiti. We'll consider different facets of ancient Greek people's lives: from free time, to work, to the agora.

+ Optional studio session - Learn about how sculpture was made in ancient Greece, including relief, before trying out different methods using soap and clay. Students will make their own sculpture, using ancient Greek imagery. Our studio sessions have a sliding scale of charges. 

The Ancient Egyptians

How can we investigate ancient Egyptian objects? What can they tell us about what life was like for ancient Egyptian people? Look closely at coffins and items from peoples' tombs, as we examine people in ancient Egypt: from everyday lives to kings and queens. We'll think carefully about why we study ancient Egypt and what we could do better.

+ Optional studio session - Learn about how papyrus and paint was made and used in ancient Egypt, then, using papyrus and gouache paint, students will make their own papyrus painting to take back to school. Our studio sessions have a sliding scale of charges. 


Art Connections

Explore how artists and artworks shape our world, express concepts, beliefs, and relationships. Find out about different art media and techniques and how artists employ line, shape, colour, texture, and composition to express ideas.

Through mindful visual examination, thoughtful conversation and shared discussion designed to foster your students playful and imaginative curiosity around art and artworks, we learn together to create Art Connections.

Choose from one of our themes:

  1. Portraits
  2. How to Read a Painting
  3. Landscapes

SEND schools

Looking closely together

What is art? How can we look at it together? What can it tell us about nature? With help from Wilson and Walliams class at Samuel Pepys School, we have two sets of resources available for use as a part of your session. You can use one or both of these however you like in the gallery, and our museum teacher will available to help. The resources include a kit full of different tools to look differently or closely and a kit full of sensory natural or nature-inspired materials. Sessions can be gallery based or be gallery and studio based and a museum teacher will help facilitate your visit. Your studio session will be included free of charge.


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